Sunday, April 17, 2011

Off for the summer, part 1: Character Design

Hey everyone! Been a couple weeks since I've posted, but I've been pretty busy since then. Luckily, though, I have another artwork to show you! This drawing was created after I introduced a friend to a graphic novel series known as Dreamkeepers. After she finished reading it, we began talking about what we thought our dreamkeepers would be like, so we decided to draw them. Now, as you probably know from my character animation and life drawing classes, I don't have much experience with drawing characters. Luckily, my friend was able to help me out (a lot) with the process, so the final result was one I could be really proud of. It's not completely finished yet, and there are still things I want to fix, but here's how it looks at the moment.

Not bad for a relative beginner. :-) The pants didn't come out quite right, and I'm thinking about scrapping the hair on his head for a more "wolfish" 'do, but overall I'm really excited about the drawing. It's giving me a bit more confidence in my ability to draw the humanoid figure. I'll probably post more as I continue to refine the drawing, so stay tuned!

Until next time.


  1. This is great Ben. I myself am taking classes at AiO and I'm trying to build a drawing portfolio so I can transfer to Game Art and Design. Right now I'm in Life Drawing and Color Theory. Color theory is killing me, how was it for you? This is going to be the class that screws my almost 4.0 GPA.

  2. Thanks very much! I enjoyed Color Theory quite a bit, actually. Some of the assignments were a bit tedious, of course, but it was very informative at the same time. The toughest part for me was coming up with a final project that was a good blend of color and form. You can see a couple examples of my color theory work in one of my November 2010 entries. Good luck with the rest of the class!