Friday, July 15, 2011

Character and Object Design for Animation: Head Studies

Hello again everyone! I'm back, and posting some of the new schoolwork I've done! It's starting to get tougher, and I'm having a bit more trouble with my confidence, but hopefully I'll be able to persevere and improve on my character design abilities!

Head studies, realistic versus cartoonish - For this assignment, we were required to  draw 6 human heads, 3 of which needed to be realistic and 3 of which were supposed to be more "cartoony," all with different expressions. While I was initially pleased with my submission, the instructor said that I needed to redraw the realistic faces so that they were more...well, realistic.

Realistic redo - Here is my second attempt at drawing realistic human faces. These turned out much better, though I think the middle one needs more work.

That's all for today! Stick around, though...tomorrow's assignment is a doozy!

Until next time.


  1. LOVE your cartoon characters! Is it hard to go back and forth between realistic and cartoonish?

  2. Depends on the type of drawing. If it's a face, then yeah, it's pretty hard. When it comes to hands and stuff, that's pretty easy to switch between. I haven't tried switching between realistic and cartoon character full bodies yet; we'll see how that goes!