Saturday, August 20, 2011

Character and Object Design for Animation: Backgrounds, Adding Characters, and Creating Motion (Plus a character redraw)

Hey all! Sorry for the long wait. Got a few drawings to make up for it, so hopefully you'll enjoy!

After creating our superheroes and supervillains, it was time to delve into creating environments for our characters to inhabit. Picking two of our characters, we created two sets of backgrounds, one indoor and one outdoor, with the intention of eventually grafting our characters into them. I decided to create backgrounds for my granny character from a few weeks prior, as well as Vanessa, my female scientist.

While I was initially pleased with my resulting backgrounds, several students commented that the interiors were drawn in a one-point perspective, causing the view to be somewhat uninteresting. I redid my interiors so they would be more interesting.

The next step was to redraw our characters in different poses, and graft them into the scene using any method of our choosing.

After we became used to creating static characters, the next step was to create the illusion of movement by drawing our characters in key points of a motion. Choosing any of our previous characters (or creating new ones), we were to depict our characters lifting something heavy, running, and jumping over a box.

Our final assignment for the class was to take one of our characters that we felt was our worst and redraw them. I chose Sandra, my policewoman character from a few weeks ago. I didn't like any drawing I did of her, so I was happy to try and redraw her.

I'm much more pleased by how these turned out, although she's STILL not consistent from drawing to drawing. I suppose that's something that will come with practice, but I'll gladly give it a rest for now and move on to something else. Next on the agenda: Visual Indication, aka creating texture via marker and pencil!

Until next time.

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