Friday, October 8, 2010

Some Early Drawings

Since I'm going to be trying my best to keep this blog up-to-date, I figured the best way to start is by posting some of my early works. This is going to be stuff that I did in high school, so it's not going to be terribly amazing, but we all start somewhere.
Phantasm-Sketchbook assignment where we had to create a new superhero. It's one of my earliest attempts at drawing the human form, as well.
Dragon-this was just a sketch that became much more detailed as I drew.  I have never been able to recreate that look.
Idol-This drawing is another early attempt at drawing the human form
Flower-Quite possibly one of my favorite drawings I have ever done. My art teacher required us to draw a flower of some kind, and I knew instantly that this was how I wanted it to look. 

Dream Vacation-This was one of my final sketchbook assignments. We were told to draw our dream vacation, but I decided to be abstract and drew a literal vacation in a dream. 

Self-portrait-My last art class sketch assignment. The pose was inspired from a picture I took at the end of one of my high school trips (to Colorado), and by the end of it everyone was sick and tired of everyone else. I snapped this shot to commemorate the general feeling of dissatisfaction for nostalgia's sake.

Deck and Mast- This drawing with color was part of an independent project that I took on my senior year. I fleshed out a story (which ended up being longer than I thought it would be), drew storyboards and characters, and was planning on using Autodesk VIZ to create an animated version of the story. Unfortunately for me, my perfectionist nature ended up hurting me in both the story and the drawings, and I was forced to drop the last part of the project and instead I spliced the storyboard backgrounds and characters together on the computer (with a LOT of help from my parents), recorded myself reading the story, and created a half-hour long movie that way.
That's all for now. I'll post some more early stuff soon!

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