Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting a leg up. And an arm. And the torso.

Hey all! It's been a few days, and since my last post I've been hard at work getting more familiar with the human bone and muscle structure. This week, we worked with the legs, arms, and torso. Here are the fruits of my labor!

Skeletal arm - This is one of my first attempts to draw the human arm. As you can see, the humerus is slightly too short for the rest of the arm, but overall I'm getting the hang of structure.

Muscled arm - Time to add muscles!  This was a fascinating experiment, because I actually began to see how the muscles started wrapping around the arm.

Skeletal leg - Like the skeletal arm,  this drawing gave me the opportunity to learn more about how the leg bones fit together. I feel this is probably one of the best drawings this week, simply because of the level of detail I was able to fit into the drawing.

Muscle leg - One of my favorite drawings this week, the leg muscles were probably the easiest for me to draw. The muscle shapes  flow really well, and overall it's a very well constructed design.

Skeletal torso - This one was a bit tough to finish. About halfway through, I realized that the source I was using was inaccurate, causing me to start over. A couple of the proportions were off, but overall I feel that it is a very solid drawing.

Muscular torso - This was my last (and least effective) drawing. I originally went back with a softer pencil to help define the different muscle groups, but in the end it just looks two-dimensional. Ah well, live and learn.

That's all for now! I'll have some more stuff for you in a few days. 

Until next time.

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