Saturday, November 27, 2010

Timed gesture drawings and the inner workings, plus some point-proving

Hello again! It's been a while. This time I'm going to be posting a whole slew of drawings; I hope you don't mind! Most of them are not anywhere near the best drawings of people ever, so please bear with me. *WARNING* Some of the following pictures contain poorly-drawn nudity. Proceed with caution if you are easily offended by something you might see at a museum or a nudist colony.

Five-minute gesture drawings: This assignment for Drawing and Anatomy required that I draw 10 different gesture drawings of people in various poses in around five minutes while keeping proper proportion in mind. The ten drawings are below.

The next drawing assignment consisted of drawing the human skeletal and muscular system, again keeping in mind proper proportions. We had to do 4 drawings: 2 front-and-back views of the skeleton, and 2 front-and-back views of the muscles.

Next, we got to do more gesture drawings. This time, we had to do 9 one-minute poses (3 standing, 3 "action," and 3 sitting), 4 five-minute drawings (2 standing, 2 sitting) and 2 fifteen-minute drawings (1 standing, 1 sitting).

By this point, I was starting to get frustrated. As you can see from my drawings there are some good elements, but as a whole the drawing does not seem to be meshing well. The proportions in most (if not all) the drawings are completely off, and the finished products look somewhat sloppy. Knowing how well I have been able to draw in the past, I set aside some time earlier tonight tonight to draw a self-portrait of my face and head. This is the result:

This drawing, more than anything else, proves that it's possible for me to take what I see in life and draw it relatively accurately on paper. Hopefully this will serve as a confidence-booster and will help me get some better drawings in the next few weeks. We shall see how it turns out!

Until next time.

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  1. Thanks for letting us be part of your process! I love it. Your post reminded me of two essential things.

    1. Sometimes we need to take a look at the "whole" in order to assess if we really understand the "parts" (your self portrait rocked)

    2. Be bold in sharing your gifts no matter how you may perceive others they may be just what is needed (like your post today!)