Friday, February 18, 2011

Drawing the Human Figure...Not So Easy, Actually.

Hey all! I apologize for the long hiatus this blog took. The class that I was taking ate up a lot of my time and, quite frankly, I didn't feel that any of the drawings I did should ever be posted. Not that they were completely horrible, but I didn't feel that they were on a par with the rest of the drawings that I have posted on this site. Nevertheless, this blog is intended to document my progress, so I need to swallow my pride and post what I've done. This post will deal with the regular weekly assignments (the gesture and timed drawings), and I will post another entry later that will deal specifically with the final project and the various drawings that were part of it. Anyway, enough talk! Now for the drawings.

Week 2

Gesture Drawings: Basic shapes - These three drawings were part of the second week's assignment. Building off of the basic concepts we learned in the first week, these drawings gave me a chance to practice my proportions and get the basic shapes of my figures. There are several mistakes in these, but considering the fact that I was just learning the techniques, I didn't do too bad.

Gesture drawings, timed: 1 minute - After practicing the art of adding basic shapes to a linear skeleton, it was time to practice speed. These drawings represent several different figures drawn in 1 minute.

Gesture drawing, timed: 3 minutes

Gesture drawing, timed: 5 minutes

Week 3 

The following fifteen drawings are all part of the same assignment. Like the one from the previous week, we were required to create 15 gesture drawings. Unlike the previous week, they all needed to start displaying characteristics of real human figures, like faces, hands, etc. As you can see, drawing people is NOT my strong point.

Gesture drawing, timed: 1 minute - Another timed drawing assignment. 

Gesture drawing, timed: 3 minutes

Gesture drawing, timed: 5 minutes

Week 4

Gesture Drawings - More of the same, really. As you can see, my figure building has improved somewhat, but all in all the poses are still not 100%

The next 15 drawings were yet another timed assignment. The first 5 were 1-minute, second 5 were 3-minute, and the last 5 are 5-minute.

Week 5
Gesture Drawings: These following drawings were gestures that placed an increased emphasis on the position of the head. At about this time I got a Ken doll, which I used for modeling. This helped me see the proportions much more easily, and I think it shows in my drawings.

Gesture drawing, timed: 1 minute

Gesture drawing, timed: 3 minutes

Gesture drawing, timed: 5 minutes

Aaaand that's that! I'll post another blog soon with the final project. See you soon!

Until next time.

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