Friday, February 18, 2011

Life Drawing for Animation: Final Project

Now for the final project! I broke this down into two separate posts for two reasons. Firstly, there were supposed to be a total of 30 drawings for this project, and if I had to include even more drawings in that last post it would have been a very long post. Secondly, by combining the drawings in one post, I believe that you'll be able to better see the progression, not only of the animation and how it would look, but also of the growth in my ability to see the proportions of the human figure.

The final project for this class was relatively simple: Draw 30 frames of a human figure going through a set of motions while keeping consistent proportions and details. Every week, we were required to draw 7-8 rough sketches of our figure, with the final project being a redrawing and animation of those "frames." I have divided the sketches based on the week they were drawn, so that you may be able to see the progression of my drawing skills.

First week

Second week

Third week

Fourth week

After creating the initial drawings, the final step was to redraw the sketches and create a portfolio-worthy "animation." Being the technical guy I am, and wanting to have a chance to play some more with the VisTablet I bought, I opted to draw the figures in Photoshop, which I would then use to animate.

Rather than posting each of the individual drawings (which would probably overload this blog), I am instead posting the final .gif version (click to watch):

Not too shabby, eh? :-P I was pretty pleased with it. It certainly looks a lot better than the original sketches.

And that's a wrap for Life Drawing and Animation! Up next: Computer 3D Modelling and Animation I. *insert extremely excited face here*

Until next time.

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