Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visual Communication: Shading, Textures, and Final Project

So my definition of "soon" apparently means 5 months. Whoops. Well, better late than never, right?

This entry is going to encompass the rest of the Visual Communication class. It's been a while, so I don't remember all the specifics about the assignments. However, I will do my best to describe the drawings I post. Let's get started, then!

Shading studies: Basic vs. Texture - In this two-part assignment, we were first asked to  copy a provided value study using grey markers (top). We were then asked to add textures to the shapes, two of which needed to be wood, two stone, and one metal (bottom).

Shading studies: Color and Texture - In this follow-up assignment, we were asked to create a color version of our black-and-white study, using both marker and pencil to create the illusion of texture. I was still struggling a bit with controlling the marker, which is why it's not very clean.

Perspective study - In this assignment, we were asked to draw a cube-shaped piece of furniture from our own homes, using the shading techniques we learned in previous weeks to enhance the look of the object.

Perspective study 2 - A follow-up assignment, we were asked to take one of our perspective drawings and draw an environment for the object to sit in.

Marker progression - This was an interesting assignment. Starting with a pencil sketch of a book or magazine cover, we had to add first light shades of color, progressing steadily to the darker shades. I chose the cover to the first Questionable Content collection (A webcomic that, despite the name, depicts very little nudity, and what nudity is present is artfully covered. If you like sarcastically funny slice-of-life comics, this one's worth your viewing!), which provided a great range of colors, and an interesting typeface to copy.

Text study - This assignment required us to copy a magazine ad, paying attention to copying the text and typefaces. This isn't a good drawing in my opinion; I was using a new paper that didn't absorb the marker very well, and it looks unprofessional and streak-y as a result.

Interior room - In this assignment, we were required to draw a room (preferably a kitchen) in one-point perspective, which contained several different textures, as well as a box (drawn in two-point perspective) on a flat surface. I drew my kitchen, and I'm VERY pleased with how it turned out.

Final Project: Thumbnails - For our final project, we were first asked to draw 4 thumbnails of an interior or exterior scene in either one- or two-point perspective.

Final Project: Value and Color Studies - After choosing our favorite thumbnail, the next step was to create two different value studies: One for a brightly lit scene, the other as a darker scene. After drawing those, we chose our favorite value study and created two different color studies of that value.

Final Project: First draft - After deciding on our favorite color study, we were asked to create a larger version, focusing on texture and values within the scene.

Final Project: Final Draft - Once we were satisfied with our first drafts,  we began creating our final drafts, which drew upon all the knowledge we learned over the course. I was extremely pleased with how mine turned out, needless to say.

Hope this makes up for my long absence! I only had a couple of creative classes during my hiatus, so I'll hopefully be caught up on the blog soon! Thanks for your patience.

Until next time.

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