Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cinematic Storytelling: Camera Shots

Hey all! This time we're taking a look at different types of camera shots and how they can impact a scene. First, we were told to take pictures of people or objects from certain distances or angles. I will post the shot type under the photo to help show the differences.

Long view
Medium view
Medium view - 2 people
Medium Group shot
Over-the-shoulder shot

Extreme close-up
High-angle view
Low-angle view
Dutch angle view (This is an angle at which there are no parallel  lines in the scene)
Bird's-eye view
Worm's-eye view

After we gained a knowledge of the camera angles, we were asked to incorporate them into our storyboard, adding more shots in the process.

The storyboard is starting to flesh out really well, I think! Next time we add in camera movements, as well as shot descriptions. See you then!

Until next time.

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