Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cinematic Storytelling: Camera Movements

Hey all! This time I'll be posting some assignments relating to camera movements within storyboards. We learned about multiple types of camera movements, including:

We were first asked to create a story of conflict between two characters, in which one character enters a scene, is confronted by another character, a fight breaks out, and the loser runs out of the cameras range. My storyboard turned out to be a bit..."out there" when compared to the other students work, but I enjoyed creating it. I wrote out shot descriptions next to each panel.

Now that we had an idea of how to create camera movements, our next step was to add them to our storyboards, along with accompanying shot descriptions. I added several frames to help the scene flow better, including a transition between Harry getting up off the floor and into the bed.

My storyboard is pretty much completed shot-wise, but we still have some finishing touches to add. Next time we look at a very important facet of modern cinema: Dialogue!

Until next time.

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