Monday, November 8, 2010

AIOnline: Fundamentals of Design

Hi there! It's been a while since my last post. This time I'm going to go ahead and post the projects that I completed for my Intro to Design class at the Art Institute.

First project: Our first project consisted of creating a black and white design in Illustrator that utilized two different shapes overlapping each other and using both white and black to create "new" shapes from those overlaps.

Second project: The second project we created was to consist of a balanced black and white design that used several different shapes.

Third project: More studies in overlap. Using three or four circles of the same size, our goal was to create a unique design that was balanced well.

Fourth project: Our fourth project was a further study into repetition, this time with an emphasis on creating depth.

Fifth project: The fifth project we did focused on creating a relatively smooth "morphing" between two shapes.

Sixth project: Using the concepts we had learned previously, we were asked to present a design that showed balance and unity. I took this opportunity to take one of the designs I had done by hand and clean it up with Illustrator.

Seventh project: This project required us to create a "visual" texture using Illustrator.

Eighth project: Using repetitive shapes and shades, we were to create a design that gave the illusion of depth and space.

Final project - Thumbails: For our final project in design, we needed  to create several grayscale thumbnails of a design which we described in a proposal. My proposal included several elements from Japanese culture, including a walking bridge, a cherry blossom tree, the rising sun, and a torii.

Final project - Color Studies: Choosing our best thumbnail, we were asked to create four different color studies for the design. 

Final project - Final draft: after we had created our color studies, we were to take one of them and develop it further, adding textures and refining it so it reflected our knowledge of the subject. Looking back, I could have easily chosen any of the four color studies (except maybe the yellow one) for this. I may go back in the future and refine the others a bit more.

That's it for this class! Hope you enjoyed it. I'll be back soon!

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